Master of innovation

Jaquar’s designs are the perfect synthesis of form and function. At Jaquar, product designs meet global parameters of ergonomics, finish, material, safety, environmental impact and functionality. Jaquar products, designed by globally renowned designers, dominate millions of hearts across the world.

With a strong Research and Development Department that employs cutting-edge processes and equipment, our designers have the best of what modern technology has to offer. Such innovations, combined with the best brains in the industry and stringent quality checks of international standards, ensure an end product that is high in both, functionality and aesthetic appeal.


  • parichay
    Parichay Mehra
  • lisa
    Lisa Bosi
  • michael
    Michael Foley
  • danelon
    Danelon Meroni
  • Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

Jaquar Group has been awarded quite a few accreditations. Some of them are mentioned below: