Hand Dryer - Dualflow Plus

Material: ABS
Finish: White
Product Code: HDR-WHT-M14A
Product Range: Hand Dryers
*The finishes depicted here are only indicative and may differ from that on the actual product.


• High speed Class Funiversal brush motor. No heating element.
• PA6 V0 ABS cover.
• Motor power adjustable, allowing electricity consumption to be regulated.
• 2 IR sensors in both sides for automatic hands detection.
• Filter with antimicrobial treatment which avoids the spread of bacteria. SurfaceAideTM XL.
• Internal tank to collect the water. The water tank is emptied by an outside valve.
• Acoustic and optical warning of full water tank.
• Frontal leds showing the status of the hand dryer.
•An optional odor neutralizer for a cleaner and more pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.
•Proven antimicrobial and antibacterial protection using silver ion technology from Biocote®, resisting the growth of microbes e.g. bacteria and moulds, complementing the cleaning routines.


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